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One positive thing that has arisen from the terrible Covid-19 pandemic must be the way people have adapted to work, whether that is working from home or working virtually.

Here at Broadway Dental Boutique in Crawley, we have also needed to adapt, and have introduced virtual consultations. There is a simple step-by-step process to follow, and you will receive a digital report addressing your concerns, which will show possible treatment options. You can also schedule a video consultation appointment, and this will allow you to run through the report in more detail and ask any questions you may have. You can book your FREE virtual consultation here.

Benefits of Virtual Dentistry

Safe – virtual consultations are Covid-safe and offer direct care to our patients but with limited physical contact.

Effective – with advanced technology your treatment options can be mapped out perfectly. You can provide home scanning updates, which alert the dentist on your progress. This takes out the guesswork of when the next aligner needs to be introduced when receiving Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

Convenient – virtual meetings are convenient as you can have one-to-one time with the dentist sooner than getting an in-practice appointment.

Results – you can witness your smile straightening before your very own eyes. With your own home scanning kit, you can see the treatment at work. This means both you and your dentist can monitor the progress of your treatment.

Process of Virtual Invisalign Dentistry

Invisalign is a popular tooth straightening treatment and for very good reason. Invisalign uses a series of clear, custom-made aligners to gently move the teeth into the desired position. The aligners are barely visible, which means you can get your teeth straightened and smile with confidence without people noticing you are having orthodontic treatment.

The aligners can also be removed, so it is easier to keep your teeth clean and keep up with your dental hygiene routines. It also means you can still eat all your favourite foods. The aligners should be worn for around 22-24 hours per day for the best results. The aligners will be changed every 2 weeks and each aligner will shift the teeth into the correct position.

Step 1 – Meet Virtually
, Virtual Consultations at Broadway Dental Boutique

You will be given a chance to meet Dr Amo virtually. This will give you the chance to ask any questions you have regarding Invisalign before you decide upon your treatment.

Step 2 – Face to Face Consultation
, Virtual Consultations at Broadway Dental Boutique

In your face-to-face consultation, Dr Amo will use an intra-oral camera. This takes accurate 3D scans of your mouth and teeth. He can use these scans to map out your treatment. These scans are then sent to the laboratory to create your series of custom-made aligners.

Step 3 – Aligner Fitting
, Virtual Consultations at Broadway Dental Boutique

As soon as your custom-made aligners arrive at the practice, we will invite you in to get them fitted. Dr Amo will keep you fully informed of the whole process and give you information on the next steps. You will be shown how to self-scan and how to share these scans with Dr Amo over the next few months.

Step 4 – Virtual Guidance
, Virtual Consultations at Broadway Dental Boutique

You will share your smile’s progress with Dr Amo from the very start of your treatment until the very last aligner in the series. It can be quite an emotional moment when you share the last scan, and you see your perfect smile. Patients have told us they have felt more confident after Invisalign, boosting their self-esteem and providing them with every reason to smile!

Safe Hands with Dr Amo

Dr Amo practices teeth straightening as an art. He has a deep passion for his profession and an involved understanding as a Diamond Provider of Invisalign. He is the co-founder of our award-winning dental practice, Broadway Dental Boutique, and has been nominated as a finalist at the prestigious Private Dentistry Awards in 2017-2019 as well as Best Young Dentist in The Dentistry Awards.

He has appeared in numerous dentistry articles, including The Parliamentary Review 2020, and is often called on to be the voice of the dental profession. He lectures alongside other dental leaders in Practice Growth Workshops.

Finance Options

Prices for Invisalign can vary depending on the complexity of the case. Prices range from around £1400 to £4500. We understand this can be a considerable cost for our patients and we offer flexible 0% finance options. Flexible payments mean you can pay in monthly instalments. You can check payments with the finance calculator provided by Chrysalis Finance.

The virtual consultation and payments are all achieved online, which offers a safer, more convenient method of working. In addition, your dental health information, treatment plan, and scans are all available to view online at any time.

If you are interested in booking a virtual consultation please call 01293 428342 or you can email or fill in your details here.

We look forward to helping you take that first step in your dental journey and achieving your best smile…

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