Secret Smile

Secret Smile

Straightening your smile in secret with lingual braces

Lingual braces provide all the benefits of fixed braces but are completely invisible when you smile. Fitting on the inside of your teeth, these braces are out of sight and move your teeth precisely without making you feel self-conscious about how you look.

At Broadway Dental Boutique, we use Secret Smile lingual braces. These braces are ideal for patients who wish to straighten any crooked teeth, correct the alignment and close gaps between teeth. As they work on the front six teeth, treatment time is much shorter than traditional braces which moves all the teeth.

ideal for patients who wish to straighten any crooked teeth

Why have Secret Smile braces?

  • People will be staring at your smile for the right reasons. Completely out of sight, lingual braces are invisible and people will only know you have braces if you tell them.
  • As these braces only focus on your smile, treatment time is much faster than orthodontic treatment that addresses your whole bite.
  • As these braces are fixed, they are always at work on your smile and we can achieve precise results.

What does the treatment involve?

  • We will first see you for a free consultation where we can go through how the treatment can help you achieve your ideal smile.
  • We then invite you back to have 3D scans taken of your teeth. These digital impressions are sent to the lab where your custom brackets are made.
  • For your fitting, we will fix the brackets and advise on your treatment plan, letting you know when we’ll want to next see you.
  • When your teeth have reached your desired position, we’ll take photos and scans. We use the scans to create a retainer that will help keep your teeth from moving back.

Looking after your oral health during the treatment

While lingual braces are great because you can’t see them, it does make cleaning them a bit of a skilful exercise. We can show you how to best clean the brackets and keep them clear of food debris and plaque.

We strongly recommend that you see the hygienist regularly on top of cleaning your braces after every meal. A hygienist can make doubly-sure that your braces are clear of tartar.

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