White Fillings

, White Fillings

White Fillings

Enjoy all the benefits of a complete and healthy smile without worrying about noticeable fillings affecting your smile. Composite fillings can be colour-matched to your existing teeth and are built up to look natural in shape and colour.

Composite is a strong material tooth-coloured resin, a mixture of plastic and glass that blends in beautifully with your teeth. Thanks to modern advances in dentistry and the materials we use, composite fillings are more durable and long-lasting than before.

We use composite fillings to treat cavities and to support the structure of a damaged tooth. As they look just like natural teeth when finished, we can use the same techniques to rebuild bite surfaces and any damaged front teeth. The life expectancy of your composite filling can depend on the depth of the cavity and its position in the mouth, but your dentist is best positioned to advise you.

Why have composite fillings?

  • They blend in beautifully with your natural teeth
  • Modern materials make them a durable choice
  • Less of the tooth needs to be removed before placement of the filling
  • They can restore decayed, chipped, worn or broken teeth

High quality, independent, ‘gentle’ dentistry.

What does the treatment involve?

Composite fillings are more difficult to place than silver fillings so may take your dentist 15-20 minutes longer to complete.

We first treat the cavity and use a local anaesthetic before removing the decayed part of the tooth and cleaning it. We prepare the tooth using a special gel that creates tiny holes to allow the composite material to bond effectively. After we add a priming agent, we apply the composite in layers, building up the shape. Once happy with the structure, we use a special bright light to harden the resin. All that’s left is to polish the filling and it looks just like a natural part of the tooth.

Get your smile back on track and replace any metal fillings

Most people have a filling of some sort. If you’re self-conscious about any amalgam fillings that are visible when you laugh or smile, we can replace them with a tooth-coloured alternative. As composite fillings are classed as a cosmetic treatment, they are only available as a private treatment.

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