Sports guards

Sports guards

It’s wise to keep your precious teeth safe and sound while playing any sport that involves physical contact or moving objects. Made from a strong, pliable material, sports guards are designed to fit perfectly over your teeth and gums to cushion them from damage. They can also help protect your jaw, as well as the softer areas of the face such as the lips, tongue and cheeks.

Contact sports such as rugby, hockey and football, or those with fast-moving balls including cricket or lacrosse, can put your teeth in an extremely vulnerable position. Sports guards provide a reassuring protective cover, preventing teeth from being knocked out and shielding them from damage.

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How are sports guards fitted?

  • We take an accurate impression of your teeth and note how they bite together so the resulting sports guard will be a perfect fit.
  • We use the impressions to create a customised sports guard.
  • When ready, we will check the sports guard grips comfortably to your teeth and gums.

Children and young adults may need to replace sports guards fairly regularly as their teeth, gums and jaw are still growing. Although adults will not require such frequent replacement, they should bring the gum shield along to routine check-ups to ensure it still fits correctly and remains in good condition.

Not only do sports guards help prevent dental injuries and any associated pain, but they can also save you the often significant time and money involved in treating them.

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