Your gums are pretty essential and the best way to look after them is through keeping your mouth as free from bacteria as possible.

Gum disease, if left untreated, can cause gum tissue to recede, exposing the lower part of the tooth. We can combat gum disease through hygiene appointments, where a hygienist will prevent, address and treat the condition before it has a chance to progress.

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What do hygiene appointments involve?

The first stage of the appointment involves us assessing your gums and charting signs of gum disease. This helps us to get an accurate picture of your gums, so we know which areas need the most attention.

Most of the appointment involves a ‘scale & polish’. This involves a professional clean, using special tools to soften and remove tartar from your teeth. We use a focused jet of water to remove stubborn deposits, leaving your teeth bacteria-free. This also lifts off surface stains and leaves your teeth feeling silky and smooth.

We will provide guidance and advice on what you can do at home to prevent gum disease from returning.

How often do I need to see a hygienist?

It will completely depend on your case. Some people are hereditarily prone to gum disease and will need more regular appointments to keep on track of the condition. Most people need to see the hygienist once every six months to keep their mouth as free from disease as possible.


Noticed bleeding gums?

It’s worth arranging to see a hygienist. We can book hygiene appointments directly without the need to refer.

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