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Dental Examinations

Looking after your smile involves a combination of your daily oral care and routine visits to your dentist and hygienist. It’s a powerful combination which will protect your smile from issues such as decay and gum disease, meaning your natural teeth will last as long as possible.

While your fantastic work in front of the bathroom mirror will be doing much of the work, it’s your dentist who will make sure your oral health is in top shape. Dental Examinations give ideal opportunities for us to access your oral health, use 3D x-rays to look below the surface and allow you to talk to us about any concerns you have.

High quality, independent, ‘gentle’ dentistry.

What happens during a dental examination?

  • The main part of the check-up involves a thorough examination of your teeth. The dentist will look for any signs of decay, check how your bite fits together and will look for any noticeable signs of gum disease.
  • Part of the check-up involves screening for oral cancer and checking for any abnormalities in the soft tissue.
  • We’ll take some x-rays to assess the inner structures of your teeth.
  • If we notice any signs of plaque build-ups, we’ll give handy advice on brushing and cleaning techniques that you can use at home. We can provide guidance on how to clean properly in between teeth using interdental brushes and dental floss.
  • The last part of the appointment is a great chance for you to talk about any concerns. We can then arrange any further treatment.

How often do I need to see a dentist?

Typically we arrange to see patients every six months, but it entirely depends on your individual case. If your oral health is in great shape, we’ll arrange to see you in twelve months’ time. We will advise for you to see a hygienist as well as a dentist for the very best standard of routine dental care.

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