Boutique whitening

Boutique whitening

Having a whiter and brighter smile can make self-confidence soar

Achieve a stunning white smile with Boutique whitening. These home kits are custom-made using impressions of your mouth. We supply you the whitening gel which you add to the tray at home. They are then worn either during the day or at night.

Achieve a stunning white smile

Is Boutique Whitening for me?

If you wish to whiten your smile but are worried about the price tag, then this is the best treatment for you. This affordable treatment uses mouth trays to whiten smiles at home at a pace and time that’s convenient to you.

There are different concentrations available so you can choose whether you wish to wear the trays at night when sleeping or for a short period in the day. Boutique whitening is the most cost-effective of the whitening treatments that we provide at Broadway Dental Boutique.

, Boutique whitening
Interested in achieving a dazzling white smile? We have free consultations to help you decide which will be best for you.
What does the treatment involve?

The treatment in four steps

  1. 1st appointment: We first start with taking impressions of your teeth. These are then sent to a lab where clear, custom moulded trays are made for you.
  2. 2nd appointment: We invite you back for the fitting and take you through how to apply the whitening gel efficiently to the tray.
  3. Treatment at home: If you choose to have day whitening, you’ll need to wear the trays for a short amount of time during the day – perhaps while at work or doing house work. Night whitening has a lower concentration of the whitening agent so you can wear it for longer while you sleep.
  4. 3rd appointment: After wearing the tray for your specified amount of time, we invite you back after around 14 days to see the results.
Brighten your smile without breaking the bank with Boutique whitening. Get in touch today to arrange a free consultation.

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