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Having a whiter and brighter smile can make self-confidence soar

Let your smile do all the talking with teeth whitening. A white and brighter smile can make a huge difference to your look and the way you feel. As our teeth naturally darken with age, we associate whiter teeth with youth and vigour. It also lifts your confidence and makes you much more likely to flash a full smile. Your smile is your greatest gift and you should be proud to share it.

Instant results with Zoom! Whitening

Also known as in-surgery whitening or power whitening, this system uses a special whitening light to achieve a brighter smile in just a one hour appointment. This treatment is perfect for young professionals and couples wanting a whiter smile to match their big white wedding.

Zoom! Whitening
Zoom! Whitening

Affordable home whitening with Boutique home kits

Home whitening is a fantastic alternative to in-surgery whitening and much more suitable for people with sensitive teeth. Home whitening comes with a custom-made mouth tray that can be worn for a short amount of time during the day or at night. You dream shade can be achieved in a couple weeks.


The whitest smile on the market with Enlighten

Enlighten home whitening is extremely versatile and can fit around your lifestyle. There are many products that will help you maintain your beautiful white smile. Enlighten is the only whitening system that can achieve the Vita Shade B1.

Treatment Number of appointments Treatment length In chair or at home Whitening trays Cost
Treatment Zoom! Whitening Number of appointments 1 Treatment length 45 mins In chair or at homeIn Chair Whitening trays No Cost From £450
Treatment Boutique Number of appointments 3 Treatment length 14 days In chair or at homeAt Home Whitening trays Yes Cost From £275
Treatment Enlighten Number of appointments 3 Treatment length 14 days In chair or at homeBoth Whitening trays Yes Cost From £550
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