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Evening and weekend appointments available
Evening and weekend appointments available

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Evening and weekend appointments available

Teeth Straightening

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We offer an array of orthodontic options to help tidy up your teeth, ensure a neater ‘bite’ and improve your oral health. Our straightening solutions are much more subtle than traditional methods and are either discreetly fixed in place or come as conveniently removable aligners.


These virtually invisible aligners eliminate the need for wires and brackets and are digitally designed to be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. A series of clear aligners are produced from scans of your teeth and each one of these is worn for a couple of weeks, for around 20 hours a day, to gently nudge teeth into a new position.

One advantage of this treatment is that you can see how your teeth will move during the process and see how the final result will look before you even start. You can also take the aligners out to eat or drink, to give them a good clean or if you want to attend a special occasion ‘brace free’. However the real beauty of RXaligners® is that they are barely noticeable, which makes them particularly adult-friendly.

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simplySimply Smile®

This straightening system’s discreet nature stems from its clear ceramic brackets and tooth coloured wires. These are cleverly designed to work on those front six teeth that show when you smile, offering a significant aesthetic effect but also a much more speedy process.

These braces are especially popular with people who are looking for an effective treatment for crooked or gappy teeth, or a realignment of the gum line, but are not keen on sporting traditional, more noticeable braces.

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secretSecret Smile®

Our most discreet option, these delightfully unobtrusive braces are fixed to the back of your teeth so any straightening goes on behind the scenes. They are specially designed to straighten just your front six teeth, rather than how your teeth fit together (your ‘bite’) making treatment significantly quicker.

Despite the speed at which they work, these clever braces only exert light forces to gently move teeth into their new position.

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