Smile Makeover – what is included and what can be achieved?

Smile Makeover – what is included and what can be achieved?


The terms ‘smile makeover’ and ‘smile design’ have been cropping up in the news and social media lately. Sometimes, with disastrous results, where dental work or makeovers have gone horribly wrong. Please don’t let these tales dishearten you; smile makeovers can literally change your life, and we mean for the better!

, Smile Makeover – what is included and what can be achieved?Why a Smile Makeover?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to have a smile makeover. You could have gaps in your teeth or missing teeth. Perhaps your teeth are stained or have a yellow tinge you would like to get rid of. Maybe you have an overly gummy smile or crooked, protruding, or overcrowded teeth. We can address these issues and we will happily answer any concerns or questions you may have about your smile.

If you feel self-conscious when you smile and want to improve your teeth, we can help. When patients visit us asking for a smile makeover, we are over the moon, as we know it’s a blank canvas, and we can literally transform their smiles, which can lead to life-changing results.

We will listen to you and find out what you would like to change about your smile. We have vast experience in helping patients achieve the results they want. We have had people report they have gained confidence, attracted partners and new friends, and even had the confidence to go for jobs that they would have shied away from in the past.

What’s Included?

Smile makeovers are very personal as only you know what bothers you about your own smile. If you think your smile is bad, it can affect your confidence massively. Numerous treatments are often included in a smile makeover, including teeth whitening, veneers, composite bonding, teeth straightening and correcting an overly gummy smile. Whatever your concern, there will be a dental treatment to solve the issue.

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth naturally darken with age, and smoking, red wine, tea, and coffee don’t help matters. A brighter and whiter smile can take years off your appearance as we tend to associate white teeth with youth and vitality.

We offer both in-surgery teeth whitening with Philips Zoom! teeth whitening and at home whitening with Boutique Teeth Whitening and Enlighten Whitening. All options provide fantastic results that you can be proud of.

Philips Zoom! uses a special whitening light, in conjunction with a gel, which is applied carefully to your teeth by your dentist. The appointment takes just one hour and is also known as ‘power whitening’.

Boutique whitening and Enlighten can both be used from the comfort of your own home. This is often a good option for people with more sensitive teeth, and it can fit around your schedule. Enlighten is the only whitening system on the market that guarantees to achieve Vita Shade B1.

, Smile Makeover – what is included and what can be achieved?Veneers

Veneers cover many tooth issues, such as stained chipped, misshapen, or crooked teeth. They are used to cover gaps where orthodontic treatment is not suitable. They improve the shape, size, and colour of teeth.

A thin tooth-coloured shell is fixed to the front of the teeth, with amazing results. They are colour matched with the remaining teeth and blend in beautifully. Veneers are a minimally invasive procedure. Occasionally a thin layer of the enamel needs to be removed to fix the veneers in place, but this is not always necessary.

, Smile Makeover – what is included and what can be achieved?Composite Bonding

Composite is a special dental resin that can perfectly mimic tooth enamel. Your dentist can use it to build up areas of your teeth. Composite bonding can correct your teeth’ shape and size and make the edges of your teeth appear more uniformed and straight. It can also fill in chips, fractures, or gaps within the teeth.

Teeth Straightening

We offer a host of orthodontic options to help you get that straighter smile. Long gone are the days of ‘train track’ metal mouths. We can offer discreet orthodontic options where braces are discreetly fixed in place or come as conveniently removable aligners.

It is best to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION with us for teeth straightening options where you can start your orthodontic journey without people even knowing you are wearing braces.

, Smile Makeover – what is included and what can be achieved?Smile Makeover Before & After

So, the answer to the question, what is included and what can be achieved? is very much within and personal to every individual. Your dentist can achieve anything and everything but the journey starts with you. Your smile makeover can vary from a small and subtle change to a complete transformation. Our team are here and happy to help you when deciding what you would like to achieve.

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