Do you have missing teeth? Dental implants could be the solution.

Do you have missing teeth? Dental implants could be the solution.

, Do you have missing teeth? Dental implants could be the solution.
If you have any teeth missing, don’t worry, you are not alone. According to the dental facts and statistics website almost three-quarters of Brits are without a full set of natural teeth, and 6% have none left at all!

The loss of your teeth can make a vast impact on your life. When eating and chewing food, your teeth naturally strengthen your jawbone but if teeth are missing, the jawbone can start to shrink because it is no longer being stimulated. Over time, this can cause your face to sag, which can lead to premature ageing of your skin. Not only this, but the teeth also form an important structure, with each tooth sitting in a row. When there are gaps, teeth can start to move or twist and food can get trapped, leading to tooth decay.

Dental implants are often cited as the next best thing to natural teeth. They are a long-lasting solution for gaps in your smile. We explore the pros and cons of this well-regarded dental treatment.

Are dental implants right for me?

Patients with healthy gums and enough bone density are considered suitable for dental implants. If you are healthy enough to undergo a routine dental extraction or oral surgery, then you can be considered a potential candidate. The success rates vary, but generally, they are 98% successful. If dental implants are cared for properly, they can last a lifetime.

Dental implants are a well-established, safe, and highly effective method of replacing a singular tooth, several teeth, or your entire smile.

, Do you have missing teeth? Dental implants could be the solution.

How do Dental Implants get Fitted?

Dental implants act as a replacement for the roots of your teeth. They offer a firm foundation for a crown, bridge, or denture to be fitted on to. The dental implants are made of titanium as this is well-tolerated by the body. The tiny titanium screws are implanted into the jawbone. The jaw and the implants then fuse together, over a few months, creating the solid base for the fitting of the crown.

Implant fittings usually take place under local anaesthetic so you will not feel any pain during the treatment. If you are a particularly nervous dental patient, then sedation may be an option, and we can offer sedation at Broadway Dental Boutique.

Pros of dental implants

  • Improved speech – dental implants can improve your speech significantly. When teeth are missing, there is a tendency to lisp, whistle and slur your words. Dental implants can solve these issues.
  • Fewer problems eating – your dental implants will act as your natural teeth once did. This means you can eat and chew correctly and go back to eating the foods you like.
  • Greater convenience – dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth. There is no need to remove them (unlike dentures) and there is no need for messy adhesives to keep them in place.
  • Appearance – patients who have had dental implants often say they are happier with their appearance and have more confidence to smile again. People with a full set of teeth are often considered healthier and even more youthful.
  • Greater comfort – people with dentures often complain they move around whilst eating and speaking. This can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable. Dental implants are a firm foundation and are comfortable. They fuse with your jawbone, so become part of you.
  • Improved self-esteem – benefits regarding improved self-confidence and self-esteem are significant, especially for people who are self-conscious about their appearance with missing teeth.
  • Better oral health – dental implants help to protect the jawbone and prevent the remaining teeth from moving around. They also limit food and debris from getting stuck in gaps, which can potentially lead to gum disease.
  • Durability – over 95% of dental implants are successful and with good oral care, they can last for over 15 years and for some people, can last a lifetime.

Cons of Dental Implants

  • Bone density – If there is not good enough bone density to fit dental implants, then an extra surgical procedure may be required. This can include a sinus lift or bone augmentation, which could increase the cost of your treatment and increase your healing time.
  • After surgery pain – this sensitivity will only last a few weeks after treatment but should be noted as you may want to eat soft foods etc.
  • Potential risk of infection – this risk is only slight and is rectified with continually good oral hygiene habits.
  • May wear out – this can occur after a long time or without proper oral hygiene.
  • Time – the treatment takes a bit longer than other options as the jawbone needs time to heal and fuse.

Even though there are of course pros and cons to any dental treatment, and dental implants are no exception. We believe that dental implants are well worth it. Patients often tell us they have changed their lives. Patient feedback we have received, such as gaining more confidence in their smiles, being able to eat the foods they love without worrying, or acting just like your natural teeth, in our opinion is worth its weight in gold and well worth considering.

If you have missing teeth and would like to chat with us about dental implants as a solution, contact our friendly team on 01923 428342 or email

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