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At Broadway Dental Boutique, we have adopted new measures to make sure all our staff and patients are safe during the pandemic. You can view all the information regarding these measures on this page.

For any questions on COVID-19, the safety measures in place, or to book an appointment, please contact us.

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frequently asked questions

Government advice for health care settings is for patients and visitors to wear a mask or face-covering at all times. We ask patients to bring your own mask when available, but we are able to supply you with a single use mask during your visit if needed.

We are asking all of our patients to use the hand sanitiser and wear gloves provided on entry into the practice. We are taking all precautions to reduce contact and risk of transmission for all of our staff and patients.

Aerosol-generating procedures (or AGPs) are any medical procedure that releases a fine spray of particles. Treatments such as any that use a dental drill or a jet of water release particles into the air, in particular particles of saliva.

While the idea of it isn’t pleasant, many dental procedures release a fine spray, hygiene treatments especially which makes it a greater challenge to limit transmission as much as possible. We wear full PPE during any treatment that releases an aerosol, ensuring that our staff do not come into contact with anything. This not only protects our staff, but our patients too.

Only if completely necessary. We strongly recommend that you come on your own so it is easier for us to provide a safe environment for all our staff and patients. Children can of course come attended by a parent or carer.

Let us know before you arrive if someone will be joining you in the practice and we ask them to complete a coronavirus screening questionnaire as well. While they are in the practice we will need them to wear a mask or face-covering at all times.

Call our practice if you are in severe dental pain. There are urgent dental care facilities set up around the UK where you can receive urgent emergency care in a safe environment.

If you have no coronavirus symptoms, we can book you in for an appointment and address the issue at our practice. As we have reduced appointment times, we may not be able to see you right away. We will aim to see you as soon as we can while ensuring we maintain our strict decontamination protocols.

We are accepting general dental appointments. As examinations release no aerosols, we can check your oral health in a low-risk environment. We will still wear PPE as it will not be possible to properly social distance in the surgery.

It is best to book as soon as you can as we only have a few appointment slots per day.

We are accepting hygiene appointments, but we have had to make adjustments to the treatment to reduce risk of AGPs. As a result of stricter infection control procedure there are fewer appointment slots per day, this may mean a little longer wait for your appointment. We can assure you we will try our best to see you as quickly and safely as we can.

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We have fewer appointment slots now than we did previously as we are allowing for time between patients to fully disinfect the practice.

To see you sooner, we are now running online video consultations as well as physical consultations. To book an appointment, give us a call on 01293 428342 or email us on

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your safety, our constant focus. New safety measures:

Our practice has adapted measures to reduce risk of coronavirus transmission. This affects how we treat dental care and will continue to impact the way we work in the future.

Cross-contamination and disinfection controls have always been incredibly important in dental care. During the pandemic, we have increased these measures and introduced new measures, which you can read in detail before your next visit by clicking below.

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